Best practices for using Apps2SD

∙ Don't move/link Apps2SD to SD card
∙ Don't greenify/hibernate Apps2SD
∙ Use a faster class 10 UHS SD card for better performance
∙ If you face performance issues then unlink/don't link data (internal data) folder
∙ Use the "Install Busybox" option to install busybox binary
∙ Use f2fs filesystem for 2nd partition if your device supports it
∙ Use SuperSU as your super user management app and do below:
        1) Change below SuperSU settings
        2) Enable "Enable su at boot"
        3) Disable "Mount namespace separation"
        4) Select "I've su.d support on my device
∙ Even if you don't have 2nd partition on SD card create the mount script for better performance
∙ If you don't use Link apps to SD card feature and don't have 2nd partition on SD card then Check "Disable auto mount of 2nd partition" option in Apps2SD settings
∙ If you use kingroot and want to switch to SuperSU then try this post Script to replace KingRoot with SuperSu
∙ If you're device is running Lollipop+ and you're not using SuperSU and Foldermount and obb/ext data linking is not working then follow on of the below:
        1) Switch to SuperSU
        2) Enable "Enable addition of commands in Mount script" in settings and open "Recreate mount script", enter /system/bin/setenforce 0 in first textbox (Append command before mount script) and Recreate the mount script
∙ Use fat32 as first partition and ext4/ext3/ext2/f2fs for second partition on SD card
∙ If your device RAM is low then enable "Force garbage collection" option in settings to free RAM as soon as possible
∙ If you apply the "Activate Android's standard "fuse" filesystem for SD cards" patch then change the install location of apps to Internal/Phone storage
∙ If Apps2SD is not able to detect your SD card and/or Phone storage(also referred as internal SD card) then set "Set internal SD card" and/or "Set external SD card" in Apps2SD settings
∙ If your device uses different block device then /dev/block/mmcblk* then set "Use custom dev block" in Apps2SD settings
∙ If you're using Folder mount please create the mount script even if you don't have 2nd partition on your SD card